Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your Online Presence Part 2a

One of my latest additions

Ok, so i literally have hardly any time, as tomorrow I am moving to NYC! I've started packing, but still have a lot to get done, so just thought I'd drop a few notes..

I've titled this post as 2a because I wanted to fill you in on two really helpful sites (more will come!) that I've think are quite useful.

First Up - The Handmade Jewelry Club

Showcase your work or submit an interview

Or advertise

And secondly - Cr8tivity  This cool site allows you to get lots of add-ons and helpers for your Etsy shop. As well as, advertise!

Ok, that's all for now.. See you soon :)

NYC 08 old meets modern

Along the crowded streets

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Your Online Presence Part 1

I am slowly learning that your presence online also has much to do with how many 'hits' or 'views' your shop will get. Therefore, it is important to get yourself 'out there' so to speak. What I mean by this is, the more you try to promote in different types of ways, the more viewers you will have - thus creating more sales!

So here are a few ways to get yourself 'out there':

Your Etsy Presence

Join a Team

First of all, are you on Etsy?? If so, GREAT! Etsy has SO many different ways to get involved, promote, and even give back..

For instance, there are Teams with so many different themes. There is definitely bound to be at least one that will be a good fit.. Recently, I was able to join Etsy Expats - a team devoted to expatriates from all over the world. (Being such a traveller myself, and having lived in Guyana, South America and also the Czech Republic.. this is a really good fit for me.) Are you an expat and want to join our team?

Here's the link:

Not an expat, but think it would be cool to join a team: Browse through the tons of teams.. of course, most teams do have a few requirements, so expect to share a bit about yourself and possibly answer a few questions.

Create a Treasury

Treasuries are little galleries of items that you get to put together according to color scheme, theme, team, etc. Such a cool way to show your creativity. For me, it's also a bit of a stress release where I can just escape for a few minutes and get engrossed in creating something beautiful. Still not sure what I'm talking about?

Have a look:

Winter Blues.. Treasury


Yes, the forums are an excellent way to get and give input. All broken down neatly into various topics from announcements, business, site help, etc.

Virtual Labs

Ok, the last thing.. which is something I think is very cool - the virtual labs. Here you can join a 'classroom' and chat with others about different topics.. You can get a wealth of information here for just sparing a few minutes of your time.

Well, these are just a few ways to 'get out there' on Etsy. What did I miss?? Feel free to comment.. pleassse :)

My day is seriously calling, so next on the agenda - ways to promote outside of Etsy.

Hezky den! (czech for Have a good day :))